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Ted Pokorny

Ted Pokorny is an ASE certified mechanic and has been turning wrenches since he was old enough to pick one up. He is not only one of our Owners but he is also the Lead Technician and our Diagnostic specialist here at Poko Bro's. Ted specializes in all areas of automotive repair, including air condition, engine and transmission swaps, engine diagnostics, brakes, electrical diagnostics, timing belts, water pumps, fuel pumps, radiators, differential services, front end repair, and so much more. He has built a reputation for himself as the mechanic that can solve any vehicle problem that is thrown at him. He takes pride in every job he does and is very passionate about his work. 

When Ted is not at the shop he is home being a family man. He and his daughter are like two peas in a pod and he makes sure he spends every second he can with her. They do almost everything together and spend their weekends attached at the hip. She is definitely a daddy's girl and plans on being a "Poko Bro's Worker" when she grows up. 

Owner/ Lead Technician

Jessica Pokorny

Jessica Pokorny is one of the owners and the office manager here at Poko Bro's and she is Ted's wife. She has over 10 years in office experience, a Certificate in Billing and Coding and a degree Psychology. Jessica has been a part of Poko Bro's since day 1 and is so very proud of her husband's determination and accomplishments. 


Jessica & Ted met back in 2006 and hit it off right away. They got engaged in December of 2010 and planned to be married on November 3rd of 2012. The very same year Poko Bro's opened. By August of 2013 they became 1st time parents to a beautiful little girl named Johnni, and she changed their lives forever. 

Owner and Office Manager

Allan Blevins

Allan is the service writer at Poko Bro’s and he is Jessica’s brother in law. He is originally from Virginia and moved to Florida with Jessica’s sister Traci back in 2004. He has over 20 years experience in the customer service department under his belt and he is our front line man. Allan has been a Poko Bro since the doors opened back in 2012 and has been one of our biggest supporters. Allan is a father to 2 children and believe it or not a grandfather. He takes pride in making sure all of our customers are being treated like family and that every customer that walks out that door is happy. 

Allan is amazing at his job, but he is also a very talented artist. He has drawn or painted almost everything from marvel characters, underwater scenes, portraits, our logo, outdoor scenes, cartoon characters and so much more. Allan has a huge heart and we consider ourselves lucky to have him!

Service Writer

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